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March 06, 2003
Whole grains redeem carbohydrates from recent bad press (PDF)

March 07, 2003
Health and science roundup: Fiber and soy diet can drop cholesterol by one-third (PDF)

May 03, 2002
The Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association article on beta glucans (PDF)

March 27, 2002
Biopolymer Engineering, Inc. Release: Research Indicates Potential Of Immune Modulation To Treat Anthrax And Cancer In Animals

March 26, 2002
U.S. Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute And Biopolymer Engineering, Inc. To Conduct Joint Research On Radiation Protection


August 22, 2002
On an Altered Planet, New Diseases Emerge as Old Ones Re-emerge

August 6, 2002
The recent West Nile virus outbreak is the latest warning against lowering the guard against mosquito-borne diseases

May 31, 2002
Anti-Terror Drugs Get Test Shortcut (New York Times)

March 31, 2002
Minnesota company says its product seems to help kill anthrax