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Joint Strengthening: Chito-Pure Glucosamine:

Glucosamine is a promising "natural" treatment that has been proven to be effective in treating osteoarthritic pain, rehabilitating cartilage, renewing synovial fluid, and repairing joints that have been damaged from osteoarthritis.

Glucosamine stimulates chondrocyte cells to produce the amino monosaccharide that builds healthy cartilage. As aging occurs, production of glucosamine decreases and cartilage and bones begin to scrape against each other. Joints are damaged and the lubricating synovial fluid in joint spaces becomes thin and watery. Glucosamine is not an analgesic, antioxidant, or anti-inflammatory, although it bears these properties because of its ability to normalize cartilage, lessen pain, and stimulate the healing process. Net-Medical offers the following purest and highest concentration products:

• Chito-Pure: Qty. 60 @ 250 mg. for Adults
(Glucosamine with Chondroitin)





Background Research: There has been little U.S. research on glucosamine, but extensive research has been done in Europe since the 1980s. According to G. Douglas Andersen (www.chiroweb.com), "There have been more than 300 investigations including 20 double-blind studies.... The Italian company Rotta states that over 6,500 people with osteoarthritis (including 2,000 with knee degenerative joint disease and 2,000 with spinal DJD) have now been studied using glucosamine sulfate with an across-the-board average of 80% of patients reporting benefits from glucosamine. These benefits were the reduction of joint pain and an increase in joint mobility. " While there is no debate about the benefits of glucosamine, there is debate about the ratio levels of sulfate, sodium and elemental glucosamine. Some manufacturers are making 500 mg. capsules with 20% sulfate and 20% sodium, leaving only 300 mg. of glucosamine. Patients who think they are taking 1500 mg. per day may actually only get 900 mg. Not so with Net-Medical products.

DOSAGE: Dosage is critical as is awareness of the length of time it takes to experience the benefits (normally four to eight weeks). Typical dosage for adults is 1500 mg. (500 mg. 3 X a day), although there are reports of patients noticing benefits on 1000 mg. a day (skipping the middle dosage) and large weight lifters and body-builders consistently taking 3000 mg. for three to six months with no side effects other than an improvement in their condition. Once the four to eight week trial concludes, the choice is to discontinue use or lower the dosage. Those who lower dosage to a range of 500 mg. per day to 500 mg. every two to three days seem to continue receiving the benefits.

Side Effects: Glucosamine appears to be quite safe. MT Murray finds that side effects occur in approximately 12% of patients, mostly gastrointestinal in nature: upset stomach, nausea, heartburn, and diarrhea. He notes that if glucosamine is taken with food the percentage of problems may be reduced. In his practice the percentage of patients with side effects from glucosamine was more in the range of 5%, in line with trials that compared glucosamine sulfate and ibuprofen. The ibuprofen groups had adverse reaction rates of 35% and 37%, while the glucosamine sulfate groups had adverse reaction rates of 6% and 7%. There have been no reports of adverse interaction of glucosamine with other drugs or nutrients. No reports have discussed use of a glucosamine supplement during pregnancy.

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