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Net-Medical (www.net-medical.com) is a resource site and e-commerce distribution link for information and quality specialty (natural, non-prescriptive) health products. Key products include Immune Enhancement capsules and cream in dosage for adults and children and joint treatment for the pain of osteoarthritis in capsule and cream. All products are produced in food-grade facilities and backed by research.

Net-Medical (www.net-medical.com) is a research based site you can count on for accurate information about neutraceutical products made from quality natural resources processed by food grade manufacturers and sold for health purposes. Discover research resources and new articles about health issues and products.

Net-Medical (www.net-medical.com) distributes the highest quality Beta Glucan products in capsule and cream in adult and child dosage for immune enhancement and protection against daily exposure to disease and threat of catastrophic disease and increased effectiveness of vaccine in the event of a bioterrorist attack. Also, available are Glucosamine products in capsule and créme for joint pain and the treatment of osteoarthritis.

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